Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Golden Croissant

We had breakfast at the ‘The Golden Croissant’- a charming corner coffee shop that served everything your  taste buds would desire except for croissants. We just ordered two ‘lattes’ trying to sound as Italian as possible, and were served two glasses of warm milk. We had said we wanted our lattes warm. We’d forgotten to mention we wanted any coffee in them.
It was about to get really warm, and milk wasn’t showing any signs of chilling to more pleasant temperature.
We discussed some things and disagreed on most of them: sometimes genuinely, but mainly on purpose.
We paid our bill and did not agree on how much we should leave as a tip. We added up my version and his version and divided the sum by two.
As we were leaving the cafe, a van stopped in front of the door. The croissants had arrived.

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